Want to Rent Your Home for Filming?

You Need to Connect With the Film Industry.

Front porch location shoot.

Our online, searchable database lets film industry professionals quickly find the properties with the features they want. They will call you directly when they feel your property could meet their needs.

Why go with Film It USA?

    • You keep 100% of all your rental fees.
    • You can list multiple resources and types of resources.
    • Manage your resources from your own password protected account.
    • Enjoy low a cost annual fee.

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Your Free Guidebook to Filming

Have questions about renting your home or business property for filming? Download this handy resource guide put together by the California Film Commisssion titled, "Your Property in a Starring Role" (Click the title to download).

Call us and we will gladly help you in any way we can and be sure to read our FAQ's (Link at bottom of page.).


Film Industry Professionals

Access to search the database is free to people working in film, television, commercial, photo shoots, and other types of productions. Go to our Production Page to learn how to register as a film professional and get a username and password.


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