How do I rent my house out for filming?

Front porch location shoot.

This is a very common question and if you have ever asked it, then it might be your interested in renting your home, or some other property, as a film location. If so, you need to get your property seen by location scouts by putting it where location scouts can find it and see it, and then be ready when those scouts start calling.

Why Rent My Property for Filming?

Renting your home, business, or any other property, for filming is an opportunity to be involved in the excitement of the filmmaking process, but more importantly, it is a chance to let your property work for you and earn you money.

How Do I Put My Property Where Filmmakers Can Find It?

Car shot on location.

Location scouts will usually begin by looking at properties online in location libraries, so you want to get your property into a library, preferably more than one. State film commissions and local film offices often maintain location libraries where you can list your property.

Want to Keep 100% of All the Rental Fees?

Most location service companies you list with take a portion of the rental fee everytime your property is rented and many require exclusive representation. By managing your property yourself, you cut out the middleman, keep 100% of your rental fees, and can be more competitive.

Film It USA Gets Your Property Seen

The goal at FILMITUSA is to make it easy for you to have your property found and reviewed by production companies that seek properties with the features your property possesses.

Film It USA is not a property management company and we collect no fee when your property is rented, and being non-exclusive, you are free to list with other services, too. In our online, searchable database your property is at the fingertips of film professionals and available to be seen where it can fit their needs.

To be ready when someone does call, download and read, "Your Property in a Starring Role" (Click the title to download), this guidebook, from the CFC, explains the filming process and answers most of the questions you likely have. Of course, we are available when you do have questions or need assistance.

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