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Rent My House for Filming

If you have said this before, or the idea appeals to you, you are encouraged to take a few minutes and navigate our sight to learn more about Film It USA and our services.

Renting Your Property for Filming

Renting your home for filming is a great way to pick up some extra cash and it could be tax-free.

Have a business? It could make you money as a film set.

Producers of movies, television shows, commercials, music videos, etc. usually film on location for some portion of their productions. Once they find a location, they will look for local resources that can save them on the cost of bringing those resources from elsewhere.

Showcase Your Property

Film It USA helps you get your property seen by the film industry. With our online, searchable database they can find and view those properties with the features they need and call you directly with questions about your property.

Setting up your account is easy. To learn more, go to our Get Started page.

As a Film It USA subscriber:

    • You keep 100% of all your rental fees.
    • You can list multiple types of resources. (Property, vehicles, talent, etc.)
    • You can list multiple resources in a category. (Limit determined by subscription option.)
    • You maintain your resources in your own password protected account.
    • Pay a low cost annual fee. (Go to Get Started page to see fee schedule.)


Click on the tab of a resource to see more.

  • Homes
  • Business/Commercial
  • Vehicles
  • Talent

Homeowners. Let your home work for you. Rent your home up to 14 days per year without paying taxes on the income. (Consult your tax professional for more information.)

Don't miss out. Your property could provide the setting a location scout is seeking for producers in making their motion picture project.

Business Owners. Are you looking for opportunities to increase your cash flow? Have you thought of allowing filming at your place of business?

Location scouts know your business comes first and work with you to minimize any impact on your business and, if necessary, help you determine compensation for loss of business income.

Your property could provide the setting a location scout is seeking for producers in making their motion picture project.

Vehicle Owners. Scripted vehicles, referred to as picture cars, require producers to find suitable vehicles for their story.

Do you own some type of motor vehicle? Maybe you have some recreational "toys" that mostly get used on weekends.

Your cars, trucks, motorcyles, motorhomes, boats, jet skis, airplanes, tractors, heavy equipment, and trailers could easily be something a film, television, commercial, or other video project could use in filming.

Work with your vehicle as a background actor. (See Talent.)

On-screen Talent. Are you an actor or want to do some acting? Put up a headshot, list your skills, and include a resume.

You never know where your opportunities will come from, maybe a student film, an indie movie, a music video, or something else.

Want to do background work? Work with your vehicle and you earn a car fee, too. (Not the same as a picture car rental.)


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Download Your Free Guidebook to Filming

Have questions about renting your home or business property for filming? Download this handy resource guide put together by the California Film Commisssion titled, "Your Property in a Starring Role" (Click the title to download).

Call us and we will gladly help you in any way we can and be sure to read our FAQ's (Link at bottom of page.).


Film Industry Professionals

Access to search the database is free to people working in film, television, commercial, and other types of productions. Go to our Production Page to learn how to register as a film professional and get a username and password.


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